Soiled Doves

Oliver’s work on the ship’s engines has slowed the transport of cargo to Paquin. Luckily, it’s not due for another week, and there’s only two days left for the journey.

At 3 in the morning there’s a proximity alarm that awakens the sleeping crew. Bobby runs to the cockpit and finds the cause for the signal: a ship adrift several hours from Blackbird ‘s position. The crew, now awake and assembled, alter their heading and find a Hornet Class transport unable to maneuver in the black. The ship’s comm system is down, but Tarsh manages to bypass the comm and interfaces through text. The crew on the Hornet say their grav boot has ccraked and they need help repairing it. The Crew talks it over and agrees — cheking the Cortex for info on the ship. The ship is called Soiled Dove , registered to a Captain Marina Briggs. In all, signs point to a safe encounter. Tarsh relays their willingness to help and the ships dock.

The Crew, still weary of the situation, position themselves in the cargo bay (just in case), and leave Jackie and Annadale to open the bay door.



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