Annadale Crowe

Annadale fought in the war until the war fought back. Beyond that she's best with a scalpel or quick with a gun, but only if you make her mad (isn't that right Oliver?)


Medic on the Durance Class ship Blackbird.

In her eyes, Annadale had the good fortune to be born in the Core — specifically Osiris. She grew up in doting household being the only child of two doctors. And when she focused her studies in college she meant to practice medicine as well. That is until she meet a very Lǐxiǎng hé jīqíng man named Evan Ambrose . He convinced her to join up with alliance and travel the ‘Verse which she did for nearly ten years. It was blindingly perfect in her eyes, the adventure and camaraderie she felt following in Evan’s wake.

And when the war for Unification began, she agreed with him and his belief that it was all nothing more than silly uncivilized planets throwing tantrums. Easily a war that would be more of a spat in the history of the ’Verse.

’Til Christmas Day, 2507. She was standing on deck of the fleet ship, Constantine, with Evan, and watched as Athens was razed. She left the Alliance shortly thereafter. Following Evan and the Crane Company to the Boarder planets, she wanted to expose the Alliance as much as the rest of the men. But something else tugged at her, the need to escape and evaluate her choices drove her away. Even though, it sounded like a cheesy romance novel right? gah…gorramit.

Annadale Crowe

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