Oliver is a drifter...and has a bit of a leaky brainpan.


Oliver stands at 6"1 inch Tall. He is quite attractive if you can get past the crazy look in his eyes. Hes the kind of guy you would take home if you wern’t afraid that he might stab you in your sleep. Long hair would fall into his face if he ever took it down from the ponytail he wears. There is always a scarf present around his head “to keep the demons out” or so I’m told. An old relic resides in his ear, a silver hoop earring that has small runes carved into it. Who knows what he could be wearing on any given day, it could be jeans, overalls or maybe even a lampshade. Mostly he is found in a linen shirt charcoal pants and a pair of tall boots. Oliver caries a sword everywhere he goes, He was trained for years in dueling in the possible chance that someone should challenge his heritage. Oh yes…he’s definitely one to stick out in a crowd, possibly because of the goat he leads around. Trust me…you cant miss this one.


Born as John Oliver Saxon the third, but Oliver tends to lean a bit south of most traditions. He hails from the small moon of Lazarus where his family has been viewed as royalty for generations. They belong to a tribe of more or less gypsy people who reside well…nowhere. They constantly moving their home from one plain to the next hoping to discover new and interesting stories to pass down through the generations. They worship the Red Phoenix Sun and believe in the mystical powers of her divine essence. When he was 13 years old The family proclaimed to the tribe that Oliver had been “Touched” by the phoenix goddess herself. That he had been called for higher purposes and must ascend into the heavens to spread the news of her love. At this juncture in Oliver’s life he was actually sent off to Stony Wall Minimum Security Sanitarium also known as THE bughouse of societal miscreants. He wasn’t a threat to anyone or anything, only an annoyance. When the Alliance landed on Lazarus they needed to set up a medical hospital for soldiers and Stoney Wall fit the bill. Therefore the “guests” of the hospital were released into the public…where Oliver has been causing trouble ever sense. Beware of Oliver, if you believe in anything but the red phoenix goddess he IS going to try to convert you, and if that doesn’t work you might end up his slave.


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