Alliance Strategy

The Alliance is a thick web of secrets hidden under the mask of bureaucracy. It’s impossible to know anything that occurs behind the closed doors of Parliament. And for the Alliance directorate, the closed doors are also guarded and locked tight, secured from the inside and likely guarded on the inside, too.

With such secrecy, there’s no way for the Independent Coalition to know for certain what strategies the Alliance has planned for the war. Independent war strategists have, however, reasoned that the Alliance is biding it’s time before attempting a major assault on Georgia.

Their reasoning lies in the natural orbits of stars in the ’Verse.

Based on information collected from a variety of sources, the CIW has assumed the Alliance’s strategy is as follows:

Step 1. Secure Red Sun while orbital positions are spread throughout the ’Verse.

Red Sun and Georgia lie in each others L3 position. While this seems an unnecessary reminder, it actually works for and against both sides of the conflict.

Step 2. Secure Kalidasa before system orbit is blocked.

It would take hundreds of years, but at some point Kalidasa will fall on the far side of Georgia. This would effectively provide two systems for the Independents to reinforce, or, if pacified by the Alliance, would provide flanking privileges for their own military attacks against Georgia.

Step 3. Secure Blue Sun while it’s slower orbit provides difficulty for Independent Forces to “fall back.”

Colonization in Blue Sun is still new, the people still learning to work the land. At present, Independent support from Blue Sun is minimal, but with an expected population growth in the next ten years and advancement in agriculture, mining and communication throughout the system, Blue Sun could become a strategic retreat point for Independents.

Step 4. Secure Georgia prior to 2512.

Georgia is the heart of the Independent Coalition. However, the system orbit has thus far left it lonely in the black. For the moment, sheer lack of resources (fuel, predominately) have made it difficult to effectively supply and reinforce troops outside the system. However, due to orbital progression, the planets Persephone and Hera will be the closest Border and Core worlds in the ’Verse, strategically important to both sides of the war. By mid to late 2511, Persephone (orbiting Lux), a firm base for Alliance military staging, and Hera (“Capital” of the Independent Forces, orbiting Murphy), a major rallying point for Independents, may allow one side to finally have the upper hand.

Although the above information is pieced together by conjecture, the pattern has thus far followed Alliance strategy during the war. Consider the following:

February & March, 2506
In Kalidasa, UAP member world Verbena secedes from the Alliance. Then, at Red Sun, Greenleaf — a major medical supply provider and UAP member — secedes. UAP member world Beaumonde (Kalidasa) secedes after a pro-Independent coup takes control of the world’s government.

May & June, 2506
The Alliance directorate, realizing that Beaumonde and Verbena in Kalidasa, and Greenleaf in Red Sun are all major suppliers for the Core, establish a blockade around Red Sun. The first battle of Verbena is unsuccessful.

August, 2507
The second battle of Verbena fails due to brilliant strategy by Independent General Prudence Vaughn.

December, 2507
The third battle of Verbena. Another crushing defeat for the Alliance.

Alliance General-in-Chief Hildebrand is replaced with Evan Ambrose. This same month, Ambrose makes a public statement about succeeding where his predecessors have failed. He promises to occupy Verbena by mid-2508. With Alliance pressure, he reconsiders, choosing instead to reoccupy Athens (in Georgia) first. The biological and kinetic bombings are frightful enough for the Core worlds’ population to demand answers. The Alliance directorate replace Ambrose with Etienne Mordeau as General-in-Chief.

Independent war strategists theorize that if Ambrose had lead another attack on Verbena it would have eluded to the Alliance’s greater wartime strategy. By that thinking, some wonder if the directorate knew of the ultimate result in bombing Athens, therefore setting up General-in-Chief Ambrose for failure.

May, 2508

A fourth Alliance assault on Verbena fails.

June, 2508
Red Sun is officially declared “reclaimed” by the Alliance.

Step 1 complete.

August, 2508
Newhall and Aberdeen capitulate to Allied Forces. A two week standoff at Beaumonde results in Alliance seizure of the world.

With all major shipping and supply routes occupied in Kalidasa, Verbena is conclusively decided to be cut off from supplies and reinforcements.

April, 2509
The fifth battle of Verbena begins.

Alliance Strategy

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