Arthur Pruitt

Second General in command of Alliance Forces in Red Sun, following the dissmisal of Rosamund Frey, and currently the fifth General-in-Chief of Alliance Forces.

Coming into his position following Frey’s bombings on Greenleaf 2506, General Pruitt chooses to be patient and persistent by blockading targets and forcing surrender. Smaller worlds surrender quickly, while larger, or more populated worlds, require varying amounts of force and suppression.
Alliance patrols continually watch for signs of Independent activity throughout the system.

By the end of 2507, Pruitt’s fleet successfully forces the important targets of St. Albans and New Melbourne to capitulate. With all major trade centers in the system occupied, General Pruitt begins a second assault on Greenleaf. The Independents surrender after only six warheads are reportedly launched at the planet’s surface.

In June 2508, Pruitt was reassigned by the Alliance Directorate and promoted to General-in-Chief of all Alliance Forces in the ’Verse. He is the fifth man to hold that title since the beginning of the war.

Arthur Pruitt

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