Blackbird is a Durance-class tramp freighter, commissioned by Dosojin Transport Inc., and has been in and out of service for the past 10 years. Her current status is decommissioned and in storage at Lumiere & Sutton Shipyards, Beylix.

Agility Strength Vitality Alertness Intelligence Willpower
d8 d6 d8 d4 d2 d2
Initiative Life Points
d8+d4 8


Stealthy (d4)
Blackbird is hard for sensors to detect when her transponder, navsats, comms, and pulse beacon are switched off. Using the ship’s stealthy quirk is a Ship’s Alertness + Pilot’s piloting skill adding d4 to the roll. The result is the difficulty for other ships’ sensors and scanners to detect you.


Pilot d4


Dimensions: 161W x 228L x 68H, Tonnage: 2800 tons, Speed Class: 4 cruise/6 hard-burn, Crew: 5, Crew Quarters: 6, Fuel Capacity: 80 tons (600 hours), Cargo Capacity: 400 tons (Deck 4), 200 tons (Deck 3), 150 tons (Deck 1/Hangar Bay), Complexity: Low, Crew Requirement: 5 (3 for skeleton crew)

Price: 16,800 credits (estimated October 2509)

Maintenance Cost: 5,040/420 credits (year/month)


  • 3 Escape Pods (1 ton each)
  • 20 ton shuttle
  • 3 Vacuum suits
  • Standard medical supply stock in infirmary
  • Garden bunk (currently growing tomato, onion and green beans)


Decks One and Two: launch bay, bridge, crew area, escape pods, med-bay, engine room
Decks Three and Four: main cargo bay, secondary cargo hold, crew quarters, secondary lounge

Note: the images and some wording regarding Blackbird was originally designed and written by Ryan Wolfe of Ki Ryn Studios as part of the Future Armada series. Citing page 2 of the Exeter.pdf file, I have modified Ryan Wolfe’s original material to fit my game and my story. No offense or insult is intended if these images or words do otherwise. Future Armada: Exeter is copyright © 2006 Ryan Wolfe.


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