Blue Sun System

New Canaan 2

Muir 2

Fury 3

Highgate 1

Dragon’s Egg 5

Deadwood 2


S/2038(Burnham)1 1

Blue Sun

System Information

Capital Meridian
Settled 2435
Protostars 1. Burnham
Gas Giants 1. Fury
2. Dragon’s Egg
Terrestrial Planets 6
Moons 17
Asteroid Belt The Uroborus
Population 18 million

Blue Sun System, also known as “Qing Long” or the “Blue Dragon System” is one of two stars comprising an area of the ’Verse known as “the Rim.” The other star is the Kalidasa System.

Qing Long is a Class F0 star positioned 180 AU from Bai Hu in the Core. It completes an orbit once every 2,414.95 years.

Current Events

Blue Sun was the last of the ’Verse systems invaded by the Alliance, although the fleet that arrived consisted of only a handful of battle cruisers. Alliance General Francis Booth quickly begins occupying worlds. He is surprised to be often greeted with open arms by colonists. Soon he discovers the reason for the welcome: Reavers.