Planetary Information

Designation S/2172(Aesir)02
Sun Orbited Red Sun
Protostar Orbited Himinbjorg
Primary Orbited Aesir
Orbital Position 2 nd from primary
Satellites n/a
Date Terraformed 2295
Diameter 1,529km
Mass 8.827×1021tonnes
Gravity 1.0258 G
Orbital Distance 115,320km
Orbital Periods 8.19 (days)
Regional Designation Border Worlds
War Affiliation Alliance Occupied
Locations of Note Gibsonville
Population 790,000


Borr is known for its stretches of open dustplains, dried rivers and deep hollow lakebeds. For all intents and purposes, Borr should be a desert. However, the weather is so dramatic at times that some areas are arable for a few prosperous seasons before forcing inhabitants to move elsewhere. Once the land becomes fertile again, inhabitants return. Because of this, ghost towns exist all over the landscape — some decades or centuries old.

Where the weather is most stable is where there is life. Only a dozen or so cities have lasted for more than fifty years. Here visitors will find the closest thing to civilization… and that’s still not saying much. The world’s major resource is salt. Mined from dry lakebeds in the arid seasons, salt has kept the world from falling to ruin.

There has never been a unified government rule on Borr. In established population centers one may find a town council of sorts, or an appointed mayor. Among the world’s farming population it’s more likely that Patrons or a Familial hierarchy exists. With so much of the population living in transience, religion has expanded and evolved since colonization. Anthropologists estimate that Borr is home to at least a dozen permutations of Christianity.

Current Events

During the Red Sun Blockade, Borr was all but overlooked by the Alliance. The world’s useless exports proved insignificant to both sides of the war, and the populace seemed apathetic to a company of Alliance soldiers permanently garrisoned in the largest town on the surface. Without much fanfare, Borr’s government signed the Aritcles of Unification. Despite the signatures and its official standing as an “occupied” world, most citizens support the Independent Faction’s right to remain apart from the Alliance. Nearly 400 men and women have volunteered for the Coalition. And yet, as of 2509, Borr has remained effectively untouched by the war.