Campaign Notes

A lot of games take place during and after the Firefly/Serenity timeline, and a lot of information exits about the goings on in the ‘Verse after the War. But as a Game Master I wanted something different. I haven’t found many campaigns on Obsidian Portal or elsewhere online that deal with the War. A few background resources describe events during that time, but nothing to fully draw from.

Unification is predominately just a backdrop for my campaign adventures. Sure there may be massive space and ground battles going on, but my players aren’t going to see much of that. The goal was to create an environment wherein the characters are pushed together in order to survive, not because of the “far reaching hand of the Alliance,” but because of both sides’ struggle for what they believe is right.

A few things that I’ve done with this Campaign are noted here:

1. The series establishes that all worlds of the ‘Verse have an Alliance-appointed overseer — a Governor or Magistrate of some kind. In my campaign only a handful of worlds have such a person, or government, ruling their world. Some locations may have more of a democratic City-State system in place, or else a feudal monarchy ruling the land. It’s entirely possible for some worlds to have several “kingdoms” (for lack of a better world) warring among themselves while also warring with the Alliance.

The purpose of this is to establish a difference between the Serenityverse my players know from the series/movie and what it was like before the Alliance took control.

2. Most die hard fans know about the battle of Sturges, the last stand at Serenity Valley and the bombing of Shadow. None of that has happened yet.

Forcing my players to reconcile their preconceived notions of ‘Verse history is something I hope will give the events more personal weight once they occur in the Campaign. I’m not one for tongue-in-cheek references or “wink, wink, nudge, nudge” cleverness, but knowing the outcome of these events as they happen can go a number of ways in the sense of dramatic storytelling.

And a final note:
Sadly, as of January 31, 2011 Margaret Weis Productions’ license for Serenity: RPG has expired. With no news about the future of the product line, here in Asheville NC, we raise our glasses to nearly six years of MWP’s big damn heroics.

Campaign Notes

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