Coalition of Independent Worlds

The Setup

Originally founded on November 7, 2505 as the Independent Planets of Georgia, this confederacy was founded in spite of Alliance disinterest to combat so called Reaver attacks in the Georgia system. With calls for help unanswered, Hera and Boros hastily gathered a fleet of converted merchant transports and planetary defense ships to combat Reaver threats. In its first month, the IPG successfully destroyed three Reaver attack ships. By the end of the year the Georgian fleet included ships from Shadow, Three Hills, Kerry, Ezra and a handful of moons. Despite membership in the Union of Allied Planets, Athens, Aphrodite and Verbena contributed some of their own ships (decommissioned or donated) and resources. They remained apart from the IPG recognition due to potential backlash from the Alliance.

But like all good things, the Invasion of Persephone was the end of the Border worlds’ consideration of Alliance policy — the true beginning of the War of Unification. On February 3, 2506 at 18:23 minutes (OST), Athens became to first world to formally secede from the UAP. Verbena and Greenleaf seceded soon after. Beaumonde’s Alliance-friendly government was overthrown in early March, 2506 and the planet came to join the IPG as well. With Kalidasa-located worlds Verbena and Beaumonde’s inclusion, the IPG renamed itself the Coalition of Independent Worlds — no longer organized to simply fight Reaver threats, but to act as one military against the Alliance.

Here’s How It Is

The Coalition — or ‘Independents’ as they’re commonly called — remains close to their roots in Huang Long (the Georgia system). However, to distance themselves from previously founded Alliance colonies, they’ve made Green Prairie on Hera their capital city. Major outposts exist on worlds throughout Georgia. In Kalidasa, Jinyi on Verbena acts as a secondary command center. The Independents’ worry though how long it will stay in their hands now that the Alliance’s fifth attempt to take Verbena has begun. With the death of the “Kalidasa Cowgirl” Prudence Vaughn in 2508, it’s an open worry that the system may fall.

The Results

Independent Forces are still growing. Shadow and Hera are jokingly called “fountains of fools” by Core world media. In the past year alone there’ve been more volunteers enlist from both worlds than the Core can muster with promises of wealth and glory (and likely, reminders of a citizens’ duty). The current head of all Independent Forces is Commander General Rui Li, of Shadow.

The Independents’ military navy is a mix of ships built for a variety of reasons. Fleet Generals are the only officers to have fully designated warships, armed with the best weapons and technology they can muster. Six fleet ships serve as the mobile command headquarters for Field Generals and Admirals, while the top commanders of the military remain planetside on Hera. Several hundred ships of varying size and armament serve most other purposes — supplying, scouting, etc.

Current Navy Fleet leaders include:

  • Charlotte Clark — Fleet General (Kalidasa)
  • Jared Wayne Nolan — Fleet General (Georgia)
  • Caroline O’Neil-Emerson — Fleet General (Blue Sun)
  • Marcus Finch — Fleet General (Red Sun)

Independent ground forces are collected from worlds all over the Border and Rim, 3/4 of which is volunteer. Official numbers are unknown, but the Alliance Directorate has estimated as many as 4.5 million men and women serve in the Coalition’s armed forces.

Current Army leaders include:

  • Moses Jenning — Command Sergeant (Region 1)
  • Xiua Rollins — Command Sergeant (Region 2)
  • William Hardy Addison — Command Sergeant (Region 3)
  • Harold Baio — Command Marshall (Region 4)
  • Amon Cryer — Command Sergeant (Region 5)
  • Vivica DuPont — Command Sergeant (Region 6)

Knowledge of the Coalition’s command structure is hazy at best, and flat-out wrong at worst. Most information comes from decoded transmissions, POW interrogation and a network of Unification supporters living undercover.

Leaders from different Independent worlds serve as a military command. The point of the Coalition is to serve each other for each worlds’ greater good, not to promote policy — hence there is little discussion of planetary need (other than that which relates to the war effort).

Known members of Independent Command include:

  • Conner Greene — Athens
  • Robert Britt — Beaumonde
  • Ho-Win Bennett — Verbena
  • Jessica Vogle — Jiangyin
  • Park Douglas — New Cannan
  • Quentin Baird — Three Hills
  • Shaun Arnold Tanner — New Kasmir
  • Coalition of Independent Worlds

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