Etienne Mordeau

Fourth General-in-Chief of Alliance Forces throughout the ’Verse.

General-in-Chief Mordeau came to his position in January, 2508, after Evan Ambrose’s bombing of Athens. Knowing that public support for the war was beginning to wane, Mordeau was directed by his superiors to be more “accessible” to the public. Giving speeches and visiting soldiers in hospitals helped the Alliance’s image, as did the heavily televised event in March, 2508, when Mordeau accompanied his three sons to a recruitment station and signed them up for the recently enacted wartime draft.

Mordeau’s time as General-in-Chief was marked with many public spectacles. In April of 2508, General Booth’s invasion of Meridian in Blue Sun was hailed as an achievement for Mordeau. Following many previous generals, Mordeau wanted to show the Core what he was made of. In May 2508 he lead a televised Alliance invasion force of 130,000 to Verbena. Media crews accompanying the invasion caught the embarrassing fourth attempt to take the world for all the ’Verse to see. Mordeau quickly called retreat as nearly 17,000 of his troops were wounded, killed or went missing.

However, Independent General Prudence Vaughn died from wounds suffered from the attack. The Alliance Directorate viewed her death as an Allied victory (though it was commonly known that she was wounded from friendly fire).

In June 2508, Mordeau announced the successful reoccupation of Red Sun. Parades and celebrations followed. Behind closed doors, it’s decided to reassign Mordeau as a media spokesperson for the Alliance, replacing him with Red Sun’s victorious General Arthur Pruitt as General-in-Chief.

Etienne Mordeau

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