Geoffrey Devchenko

Born October 9, 2463 on Bernadette’s first moon, Nautilus, Geoffrey Devchenko attended the Osiris Military Academy, graduating (2nd in his class) in 2486. His early career included customs enforcement and anti-piracy investigations. As mundane as it sounds, Devchenko proved himself a valuable officer, notably, commanding an assault squad sent in response to the 2495 assassination attempt on Pope Gregory XVIII.

Devchenko made ’Verse-wide headlines after the success of the mission. By 2498 he received his first commission of a an Alliance vessel, IAV Comanche, remaining under his command until 2507.

A parliamentary favorite and military celebrity, Devchenko was the Alliance directorate’s first choice as General-in-Chief of Allied Forces on the eve of war. He accepted the position with heart-felt earnest, and much media attention, on June 18, 2506.

In the early months of the war, Devchenko’s position was focused more on planning and strategy, ordering subordinate generals to complete missions and lead assaults. Several failed missions placed the General-in-Chief in a position to relieve several of his former Academy classmates on the front line. Devchenko resisted the directorate’s pressure, eventually leading to his own replacement after a crushing defeat by Independent general Rui Li during the smokescreen assault on Hera on July 22, 2507.

Following his reassignment, Devchenko was placed in command of the Parliamentary Guard, patrolling the inner system of Bai Hu.

Geoffrey Devchenko

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