Green Prairie
Coral Colony

Planetary Information

Designation S/2041(Murphy)03
Sun Orbited Georgia
Protostar Orbited Murphy
Orbital Position 1 st from primary
Satellites 1. Bullet
2. Eris
Date Terraformed 2407
Diameter 10,881km
Mass 4.407×10 21 tonnes
Gravity 1.0113 G
Orbital Distance 4,503,425km
Orbital Periods 99 (days)
Regional Designation Border Worlds
War Affiliation Independent Coalition
Population 377,000,000


Hera is a quiet, largely agricultural world. Located midway between the Core and the Rim planets on a major shipping lane, since its settlement Hera has been considered the food source for most of the system. Food is grown, processed and packaged on Hera or orbiting manufacturing platforms before being shipped offworld to supply other worlds.


Hera’s place in the annals of ‘Verse history has been minimal until the War of Unification. With Hera and Boros’ creation of the Independent Planets of Georgia in 2505, the world became a centerpoint for tactics, military congregation, and diplomatic discussion. Once the Coalition of Independent Worlds was founded, Hera remained the unofficial “Capital” of Independent Forces. While some continue to argue the strategic importance of Hera from the standpoint of military value and commerce, it has undoubtedly remained the center of Independent consciousness.

The planet’s location, part of the farthest orbit around Huang Long, places it on a major shipping route to the Rim. Due to Hera’s strategic positioning, taking the planet has been considered a key to the Alliance winning the war — not just because of its strategic positioning, but because of its emotional significance to Independents throughout the ’Verse.

Recent Events

Since the beginning of the war, Hera has remained a secondary target to the Alliance’s plans. Twice the world has been an afterthought — first in 2506 during the initial attack on Athens, and again in July, 2507 when the lengthy second attempt at Athens’ occupation lead Alliance General-in-Chief Devchenkoto lead a massive fleet to the world. The battle lasted for a week, but was ultimately unsuccessful. Since then Hera has remained all but ignored by Alliance attempts to take Kalidasa. Though this seems a blessing, many of the Coalition leaders wonder how long it is until the Alliance returns to Hera, determined to win what has previously been viewed merely as a nuisance.