IAV Ankara

IAV Ankara
Class Seraphim
Designation Utility Vessel
Dimensions 293′ × 107′ × 80′
Tonnage 6,996 tonnes
Storage Tonnage 900 tonnes, registered
Registered Owner Union of Allied Planets
Commissioned 2504
Core Geidershün IV
Location Ghonge
C.O. Anson Peirce, Cmdr.
Crew Compliment 18
Base Systems
Engines Eifferson I-01
Sensors Class V,
Communications Mass Comm.
Defensive Systems
Armor Cerametal
Armaments 2 Bow-mounted Kinetic Energy cannons
Short DRADIS Range Missile Systems

Current Mission

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IAV Ankara reported missing (9 April, 2509).
Last known position: 9287° , 321° , 1026° — The Prairie

IAV Ankara

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