Jeremiah Hildebrand

Second General-in-Chief of Allied Forces during the War of Unification.

Hildebrand’s first order after appointment was to begin a second attempt at capturing Verbena — a job he ordered General Irvin in Kalidasa to lead the invasion. The battle was a failure, forcing Irvin to retreat to the Core. En route, a surprise attack by General Rui Li’s fleet in the Halo asteroid belt further battered Irvin’s ships, killing him in the engagement.

Independent General Li continued his assault on the Core, but was met with swift resistance at the Battle of Tietam. General-in-Chief Hildebrand lead the Alliance fleet during the attack and won, forcing Li’s return to Georgia.

In December, 2507, Hildebrand led his fleet to Verbena in a third Alliance assault that ended in a third Independent victory. Hildebrand’s inability to follow up on his previous victory at Tietam forces the Alliance Directorate to dismiss him from duty. He is replaced by Evan Ambrose.

As of early 2509, Hildebrand was put in command of Allied Forces on the Prairie.

Jeremiah Hildebrand

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