Kalidasa System


System Information

Capital Beaumonde
Settled 2433
Protostars 1. Penglai
Gas Giants 1. Heaven
2. Zeus
3. Djinn’s Bane
Terrestrial Planets 17
Moons 40
Asteroid Belt None
Population 932 million


The Kalidasa System, also known as “Xuan Wu” or the “Black Tortoise System” is one of two stars comprising an area of the ‘Verse known as “the Rim.” The other star is the Blue Sun System.

Xuan Wu is a Class F5 star positioned 121 AU from Bai Hu in the Core. It completes an orbit every 1331 years.

Current Events

As of early 2509, the Alliance has managed to occupy the major trade ports throughout the system. Blockades have been set up and the Alliance has started searching every incoming and outgoing transport. Effectively, a war of attrition has begun … specifically on the planet Verbena.

A tight schedule has been put into effect for civilian trade vessels. Through customs stations, transports must register and await clearance to continue through the system. Once cleared, ships and crews must follow a strict timetable and preassigned flight path. Staying from the path or falling behind schedule can result in arrest and detention while the ship is searched.