Laserball is a popular sport from the Core played by two teams of nine players each. The goal is to score “novas” or “super novas” by hitting a negatively charged ball with negatively charged batons into baskets positioned in an arena. Twelve points are awarded per round of play, with six rounds equaling a full game.


Similar to Old American Baseball, Laserball incorporates the basic premise in a three dimensional playing field through the use of low gravity. Players are fitted with specially designed uniforms to make movement on the x,y,z axis easier. Similar also to the sport of hockey, there is no turn-taking between teams. Once a ball is in play it can pass between teams for an unlimited amount of time until points are scored.

The laser ball itself is fitted with electronic sensors and light emitters. The sensors keep the ball from floating in a stationary position, while the emitters create a visible trail of colored light for aesthetic effect. Each team chooses a particular color at the start of game play — usually red, green, yellow or blue. Each time a player hits the ball a “streak” is in play (the light emitters on the ball representing the team based on their colored choice), and the streak continues until a member of the opposing team strikes the ball. Once the ball is knocked into a basket a nova is called and a point given to the appropriate team. A basket that results from a play of three or more streaks by players from the same team is called a “super nova” and five points are awarded.

Current Events

Since the start of the War of Unification, Laserball has become less representational of Border and Rim worlds, due in part to many players enlisting in the Independent Armed Forces. This, however, has opened the door for many new teams in the Core to appear in the past three years.

At present the most popular teams playing in the Universal Laserball Association (ULA) are:

  • The Belleraphon Beasts
  • The Osiris Angels
  • The Londinium Founders
  • The Sihnon Dragons
  • The Persephone Runners


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