Pipestem’s original structures are buried deep below a jigsaw puzzle of ships and containment pods welded together to make a larger inhabitable structure. To some, the “cityscape” looks like a who’s-who of space-faring objects. The structures cover 80% of the surface, leaving exposed asteroid for the station’s exhaust vents and detritus ejectors.


Established originally as a mining complex on asteroid J-7XK-21. The “J-7 Mine” was built by Longman & Steers (a now defunct mining group bought by the Corone Mining Consortium) in 2479.


The current “mayor” of Pipestem — and, by some accounts, the whole of of the Motherload Asteroid Belt — is Jesse Short. Short’s duties include: judge, sheriff, assayer, merchant and city administrator. In addition to his multiple roles, Pipestem employs several hundred people to aid in day-to-day law enforcement and bureaucratic office duties.



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