Sergei Chesnekov

Sergei Chesnekov
Сэргэы Чэсноков

Gender Male
DOB c. August 2470
Social Control # 023 914 8 4746
Military Status Unknown
Duty Status Unknown
Marital Status Unknown
Federal Status Fugitive
Alert Status Unbound
No. of Charges 387
Current Reward ₡4m
Whereabouts Unknown


Excluding War offenses against Independents, Sergei Chesnekov has the distinction of being charged with more crimes at one time than any criminal currently at large. Despite his penchant for theft, murder and smuggling, Chesnekov is considered a cult icon to many in the Border and Rim. Known colloquially as “Sergei the Sly,” “The Good Thief,” “Sergei Quick,” and “The Gentleman,” Chesnekov is often compared to Robin Hood of Earth-That-Was, choosing to use his criminal enterprise to help needy individuals throughout the System.


Little is known of Chesnekov’s childhood except that he was born shipside, somewhere in Georgia in mid-2470. Likewise, the origins of his skills as a thief and gun-fighter have never been explained. It’s thought that his family’s involvement with the New Roma people introduced young Sergei to criminal activities (this belief is fostered due to Chesnekov being sighted near, with, or being sheltered by, Romani).

Scope and Content of Criminal Charges

For the 387 charges currently pending, Chesnekov is considered “Enemy # 1” by the Interplanetary Crime Tribunal, Interpol, Allied Investigations, and the Innersystem Bureau of Criminal Enforcement.

Specific crimes include:

  1. Criminal Homicide — 6 counts
  2. Aggravated Assault — 19 counts
  3. Felony Weapons Charges — 187 counts
    Charges Include: manufacture, sale, purchase, transportation, possession, concealment, or use of firearms, cutting instruments, explosives, incendiary devices, or other deadly weapons. Attempts are included with counts.
  4. Robbery — 9 counts
    Charges Include: taking objects, cash, and assorted properties of value from the care, custody, or control of a person or persons by force or threat of force or violence. Three of these counts include Interplanetary Bank Theft charges.
  5. Burglary — 10 counts
  6. Felony Properties Charges — 114 counts
    Charges Include: buying, receiving, possessing, selling, concealing, or transporting any property with the knowledge that it has been unlawfully taken, as by burglary, embezzlement, fraud, larceny, robbery, etc. Attempts are included with counts.
  7. Impersonation — 2 counts

note: minor criminal offenses are not included with this list.

Sergei Chesnekov

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