the Core

Bernadette 2

Londinium 2

Sihnon 3

Lian Jiun 2

Gonghe 1


Qin Shi Huang

Santo 2

Bellerophon 3

Ariel 3

Albion 1


Pelorum 1

White Sun

System Information

Capital Londinium
Settled 2220
Protostars 1. Qin Shi Huang
2. Lux
Terrestrial Planets 14
Moons 25
Asteroid Belt The Halo
Population 38.5 billion

The Core, or Central Planets as they’re also known, are a wonderland of peace and technology. All citizens have enough to eat. They lead comfortable lives, with time and leisure to spend with their families. Children all have access to the best quality education. They work in glistening skyscrapers and live in high-rise apartment buildings. The grass is green and the skies are clear and no one wants for anything. They have found the peaceful, prosperous existence that mankind has been seeking since he left the Garden of Eden. If they have to trade away some of their freedom to get this, they would tell you it was worth it.

The Anglo-Sino Alliance is based in the Core, governing the entire ‘Verse from the two first-settled planets, Londinium and Sihnon (where the “Anglo” and “Sino” come from). The Alliance is rich and powerful, with resources that most folk can’t begin to imagine-manpower, intelligence-gathering, military might, and technological innovation.

The Central Planets orbit Bai Hu — The White Tiger (Sino), or White Sun (Anglo)