University of Allied Studies (Athens)

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Part of the University of Allied Studies (UAS) system, the Athens campus is one of the few Universities or Academies on the Border with ties to the Core. UASA was established in 2405. It maintains a high success rate for graduates.

UASA is known as a liberal university offering programs which challenge students with free-thinking and individual responsibility. At the outbreak of the War of Unification, many programs were reworked by the university board on Osiris, hoping to stop any major anti-government sentiment. Unfortunately the reverse happened. Protests were common and anti-Alliance demonstrations began shortly after the Declaration of Unification.

Throughout the first few months of war, the UASA campus was on strict curfew and lockdown. The early seiges of the war lead to all classes being canceled. Then, the Christmas Day bombing by the Alliance in 2507 lead to the schools total destruction — a casualty of the war.

At present, there are no plans to rebuild. All students are effectively in academic limbo. For a good portion of the student body their academic future doesn’t matter; more than half have volunteered for service in the Independent Armed Forces.

University of Allied Studies (Athens)

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