War of Unification

“The Alliance is not ‘evil’. It’s a government, just like any other, trying to manage billions of people with limited resources. But what the Alliance cannot and will not allow is the formation of another government body in the same system. The Core worlds are only able to support themselves because of our outreach to the Border and Rim. Finding the resources we need on other worlds might be denied us due to another government. This war is for humanity’s own good.”
— Madeline Kim, wife of Parliamentary Speaker Kim Ji Yuan, quoted on The Rhea Brecht Show (2506)

The official start of the War of Unification is considered by some to be February 20, 2506 — the re-occupation of Persephone by the Alliance. For others the first shots were fired on March 19, when the Independents attacked and defeated the Alliance garrison stationed at Fort Mackie on Aphrodite. In either case, full-scale war had undoubtedly begun by April 6 with the Battle of Lux.

For a detailed time line of the War of Unification and a general history of the ’Verse, click here.

War by Location War by Year Important Events Important Players
Georgia System 2506 Battle of Persephone Evan Ambrose
Red Sun System 2507 Battle of Lux Harold Baio
Kalidasa System 2508 Battle for Verbena Francis Booth
Blue Sun System 2509 Bombing of Athens Geoffrey Devchenko
Rosamund Frey
Jeremiah Hildebrand
Russell Irvin
Leeland King
Yu Kwan
Rui Li
Etienne Mordeau
Arthur Pruitt
Elizabeth Stout
Prudence Vaughn
Caleb Ward
Kim Ji Yuan

War of Unification

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