Yu Kwan

Alliance Navy General in Georgia at the start of the war.

Kwan commanded the first assaults on Athens in June 2506, winning the world back for the Alliance.
In September of that same year, Independent Forces take back Athens after a surprise attack on the minimally staffed Alliance headquarters.

In February 2507 Kwan led a successful invasion of Boros. The win is short-lived as underground resistance fighters use improvised weapons and guerrilla tactics in an attempt to fight back. Kwan’s troops are ill-prepared, resulting in 13,000 Alliance troops stationed on the planet are killed or wounded.

Kwan’s careless unpreparedness leads to his eventual reassignment as commander of Alliance Forces in the Kalidasa Expanse.

Following the disappearance of General Booth in October 2508, Kwan was placed in charge of all Alliance Forces in Blue Sun.

Yu Kwan

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