“The war’s a bloody mess. A little over two years old now, Unification ain’t happening any time soon. ‘Specially not while I’m still breathin’.”
— Rui Li, Independent General, interviewed by ’Verse magazine (2509)

The Story

Unification is a Serenity RPG following a crew of Independence-minded folk on the Durance Class Transport Blackbird. While our adventures coincide with the third year of the War of Unification, these aren’t soldiers we’re dealing with. Blackbird ’s crew are simply working to live… and occasionally fighting to live another day.

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A special note on the Campaign from its Game Master.


Campaign Background

The war‘s more than two years old. Independents have successfully kept the Core world purple-bellies from taking most of their key locations, but a major Alliance offensive has begun in Kalidasa. Georgia is still the heart of the Independent Force, though fighting isn’t slowing down. In Red Sun, the Alliance blockades were successful in winning the system, though constant guerrilla attacks threaten the Alliance’s hold. Meanwhile, in Blue Sun the locals are fighting two forces: the Alliance and the marauding devils known as Reavers.

Episode Title Game Date Synopsis
Prelude Emmanuel May 9, 2011 A simple delivery reveals the lengths that some people will go to in order to protect themselves.
01 Chimera May 15, 2011 Delivering cargo is simple enough, but gets more complicated when an Alliance officer asks for more than the newly formed crew signed on for.
02 Soiled Doves May 22, 2011 No good deed goes unpunished… or unavenged.
03 Til’ Death do Us Part May 30, 2011 What seems like an easy cargo deal turns into a battle of life and death and marriage.
03.5 Breaking Bread June 5, 2011 Dinner with a stranger brings crew secrets to light.
04 Ankara June 27, 2011 Discovering an Alliance ship that’s been missing for months seems like a great opportunity, until the crew steps on board.
05 Core Values (part I) July 11, 2011